“Galaxies” (A Poem)


She wonders if they see beyond her crooked teeth and neon rubber bands. 


Today, they hurl chalk across the classroom. The pieces pop against the blackboard and drop to the floor, leaving behind white specks. Unnoticed specks. 

She digs her fingernail into an eraser. What would they say if a piece of chalk hit her instead of the blackboard, if she flinched, if she looked up and meet their plastic gazes? 

Galaxies, they would say. She has galaxies in her eyes. 

They would burn her at the stake like a witch. The rubber bands would sizzle and pop as the angry mob cried out against potential explosives in the universe. Burn ‘er up, pop pop pop! Keep galaxies where they belong! People with crooked teeth and mottled skin are not allowed to keep galaxies in their heads. 

Too dangerous, they would say.

She’ll read a story she wrote aloud in class, spewing stardust. She won’t mean to, but she’ll sneeze, and her rubber bands will pop. She’ll drop a solar system. They’ll stare.

You have something in your eye, they’ll say. The teacher will ask if she needs a nurse’s pass.

She’ll hesitate. Clear her throat into her sleeve. No, she’s fine, thank you, if she could sit down for a moment. Sorry. 

Would she want to finish her story? 

No, she’ll say. No, it’s okay. 

They throw chalk. Specks on the blackboard like stars. 

She bites a pink rubber band in half and wonders if she is a star. And do stars shine when no one is there to see them? 

Do galaxies?

Galaxies, they would scream. She has galaxies in her eyes. Burn ‘er up, pop sizzle! 

Her head spins. Her flesh melts. Her mind explodes, sprouting black holes of color inside millions of supernovas.

Copyright 2017 Lilly Hunt

Writing Madness


Wow, it’s been a busy month! I’m excited to get back to writing and reading blogs. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

I finished self-editing my novel 😀

I’m now desperately scrambling for beta and sensitivity readers so I can have my novel to my (hopefully! She’s promised a contract!) agent by the end of August.

I hit the freakin’ Motherload

Honestly still in a daze. Check this out:

Not gonna lie, I freaked out. Squirrel-on-drugs type freaking out.

And then a week later…!!

This is for One Teen Story, which has been my dream publication for about two years now (it has a circulation of almost 15,000). It’s also going to be my first print publication for a short story…!!

Both of those contests together awarded $1,000, which is the honestly the most money I’ve seen since I had to pay for my braces. I’m going to the awards ceremony at Ole Miss tomorrow for the Eudora Welty Creative Writing Contest.

Moral of the story: don’t let all the rejections discourage you!!

I’m doing an online mentorship with the fantastically amazing Adroit Journal

…Which has also been a dream publication for a while. They haven’t accepted any of my stories, but they did accept me for a free mentorship, and the advice I’ve gotten has been invaluable. Speaking of which, I have a short story due Thursday that I haven’t started on… ouch…

-I attended a writing workshop in Jackson, Mississippi 

Just got back Friday, actually. I’m really proud of myself for going after having struggled with severe social anxiety this past year, getting therapy, etc. I forced myself to speak with some of the professors and actually didn’t regret it. One of them said he’d be willing to write recommendation letters/be an advanced reader for my novel :DDD (I freak out over everything, if you haven’t noticed. No chill.)

Here are some signed books I got:

Aren’t the covers gorgeous?!

Several of you have given me blogger awards (for which I am eternally grateful!!), and I’m going to get to those asap. 

See you in the comments 😀