Dreamer in a Maze: Original Song

Hello, my lovely darlings! I’ll make this post short–I wrote a song titled “Dreamer in a Maze,” and I’d like to share it with you. Hope you enjoy! Lyrics are below.

“Dreamer in a Maze”

Sea breeze

Curling between my fingers

Holding up diamonds to the moon 

Who says she’s stolen enough?
Sleep, boy

You’ve cried away all the omens

You’ve taken a place with the old men,

Rigging up sails in their sleep. 


I won’t listen to fate; I don’t even listen to me.

When the anchor drops, I’ll be deep in Dreamer’s sleep. 


I’m a siren

I’m a haze

I’m a metaphor

Of the human I once was


In the blaze

Of the ocean

I’m a dreamer in a maze. 

I’m on the stage, dancing dreamer

Most of me’s drowning in my hopes

Quick, bring me back to the ship.




Storm sets in

Sails come down

Man fell overboard when summer turned brown

But his grip on his north-bound compass is tight 

‘Cause it tells him to swim on past the night. 

So it’s not perfect, but it was fun to write, and hopefully you liked it. Thanks for listening! Can’t wait to hear from you in the comments πŸ˜€


14 thoughts on “Dreamer in a Maze: Original Song

  1. Beautiful song, lovely voice and captivating lyrics. Well done! Were you in standard tuning, or open? Wish I could’ve seen your picking pattern and fretting hand at work. I’ve played guitar since I was fifteen (Beatles craze!). I’m also a writer/novelist. You are a very talented young lady. Your “sketch” of your character is impressive. If your novel-in-progress is on par with your musical and drawing talents, you can’t miss. Thank you for sharing! Best wishes,

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    • Thanks so much for the kind words!! I’m in standard tuning here. I started guitar at the same age as you and tend to use it as a method to procrastinate on writing XD And the Beatles! I’m learning “Here Comes the Sun” right now lol. Thanks for checking out my blog, and the best of luck in your own writing!

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